Watch: Pitt Football Players Duke it Out on the Sideline During Peach Bowl #MSUvsPITT

Written by Nate

Yes, the headline image is blurry, but here is something that went unnoticed during the 2021 Peach Bowl last night.

While one side of the Pittsburgh Panthers team was in a midst of a collapse versus the Michigan State Spartans, the other was fighting each other on the sideline.

Pitt redshirt senior linebacker Cam Bright was seen on video yelling at his teammates for a few seconds, and then things escalated very quickly.

You can see that both Bright and a couple teammates did a lot of pushing and shoving before a crowd had to step in and stop them. There may have been a punch or two thrown in the video also.

Almost a similar fight came into play in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium stands as a Pitt and Michigan State fan were seen on camera about to come to blows before the camera panned away towards the other fans.

What a way to close out 2021 with fights going on in the sideline and seats. When it was all said and done, Michigan State went on a 4th quarter rally to win 31-21 over Pitt.

Original photo courtesy to Mayor of Chucalissa/Twitter

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