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Watch: Pat McAfee’s HILARIOUS Reaction to the Urban Meyer Drunk Saga – @PatMcAfeeShow #NFL #Jaguars

Written by Nate

The shirt below is a must buy! Everyone is talking about Urban Meyer sticking a couple!

Jacksonville Jaguars and former NCAA National Champion head coach with Florida and Ohio State, Urban Meyer, has the subject of jokes in the last couple days with his viral night out, and one big YouTube personality and his crew wanted to share his thoughts on the video.

Earlier Monday on his show, Pat McAfee went straight onto the subject, along with his cohost AJ Hawk and his crew.

And let’s just say, McAfee is like most of us, bursting to tears laughing his butt off and making grand jokes about Meyer’s night.

He even goes into the subject in which Meyer was seen on another video ‘sticking his fingers up’ a blonde female’s butt. That video is seen here and in another blog by our own Doug Rush.

The viral stuff is pretty embarrassing for Meyer and his family, but for people who love memes, this is a gold mine.

Yes, he did apologize to his family the Jaguars team, and the media for it, but it was fun couple days involving Meyer while it lasted.

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