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Watch: Odell was ON ONE at the National Championship

As we all know by now, Odell Beckham had a little too much fun at the national championship game Monday night. As most of us also know by now, alcohol is a hell of a drug, and can cause you do some stupid, embarrassing, regrettable things. For some people, they’re moments of inebriation are caught on camera. Odell had more than just the locker room incident caught on camera.

Yup…he was yelling like a drunken maniac into a megaphone. I would assume this would be the cause for handing out the money to players, and smacking a cop on the ass in the locker room. This is why I never usually drink around strangers. You never know who has a phone. I suppose Odell is an NFL superstar so all cameras would be on him either way. Regardless, C’MON ODELL DO BETTER THE BROWNS NEED YOU NEXT SEASON!!

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