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Watch: Man in Los Angeles Spotted Taking a Deuce [Literally] During CNN’s Live Interview

Well, this man certainly made CNN’s day—crappy. Yes, the pun was intended.

In a video shared by user Cali-Conservative, a man literally took a dump behind a newswoman during a live interview on CNN.

You can see the man in the clear-colored tank top, during the channel’s report from Los Angeles, that he would drop his pants and went right from a distance.

The reporter there was probably told by her producer to move her right shoulder forward, so viewers wouldn’t notice. But too late CNN!

Could not tell if the man was homeless or not, but in this day in age with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic going on, really bad look for the LA folks here.

Hopefully CNN doesn’t see this video when they review it, because they might get a ‘two’ star rating.

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