Watch: Magic Johnson on Not Wanting to Be Like the Cavs in Regards to LeBron 

The Los Angeles Lakers brought LeBron James in to change the entire organization. For him to come in build the Franchise backup and teach all of the young Lakers players.

And well Magic Johnson doesn’t want the Lakers to end up being the Cavs’, and well.. You really can’t blame him.

“We are trying to make sure that we watch his minutes but also that we don’t run everything through him because now it is Cleveland all over again and we don’t want that…

We want to get up and down.

We got a lot of ballhandlers so we feel we won’t overuse him in terms of his ballhandling and also every play has to run through him. I think we got proven scorers — Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram … and then when you have two point guards like Ball and Rondo, we don’t have to have LeBron having the ball in his hands all the time.”

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