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Written by Tyler Allen

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When we got together as The Anomalies and talked about guests we would be incredibly proud to host on this podcast, Large was one of the handful of names, and by an act of God we got to interview him for 90 minutes.

We open on a topic that every great podcast usually does, minor league baseball hats. Large shares the story of the one on his head and his hobby of attending minor league games when he’s on the road. His friend and co-host Willie Colon has tried to join him in collecting these hats, but with as large a head as the man’s got it has become problematic.

Large goes into his friendship with Willie Colon and what makes the two relate to each other so well. We get a brief Twisted History about Barstool Breakfast and the black cloud that hovers over hosts; which may or may not lead to their departures from the pirate ship. We talk about the niche that Barstool Breakfast has in terms of a great morning national radio show. Some news of a co-worker of his leaving the firm spurs a conversation about how diverse the Barstool roster is.

Large talks about Twisted History and his process behind formulating his show. His friend Dumb Johnny is the smartest dude in the world. Tanner and JJ ask about the Podfathers podcast and fatherhood in general. Large opens up about his Dad, his extremely humble upbringing in Ireland and the trek over to the states, and how he constructed the antenna of the World Trade Center. He attributes much of his appreciation for blue-collar lifestyle to his Dad and that’s likely why Willie Colon and him get along so well. We talk about how offending people on both sides of the conversation really is a good measuring stick that you’re doing something right.

Saint Anne makes an appearance, along with their new pup, Blue Cheese McCarthy. We wrap up with some behind the scenes of Barstool talk, like Call Her Daddy’s ability to sell merch, the idiots at Spittin Chiclets ability to sell liquor, and what our take is on the amount of gambling content being put out by Barstool currently.

Large dropped perhaps the dirtiest Local Shitshow of all time and Tanner’s house buying experience is far from boring.

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