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Written by Tyler Allen

TA here. We are literally gearing up to record our 50th show. I’m traveling down to meet up with Marco from Iowa, and Anthony Gordon (Does ridiculous graphic work, Responsible for our logo), and comic, Brandt Tobler. We have a gameplan of how it will go, but will it go to plan? probably, not.

On Behalf of the guys, We are thankful for Trev and all the lovely bloggers over here. We are also thankful for every single one who have given The Anomalies the opportunity to grace your earholes. Whether it is via The PSE website, or if we have a noteworthy guest, or just trying to escape how lame this pandemic is, we get it and we thank you for considering us!

Granted, These three Podcasts have been through my desk, I am extremely grateful that thousands of people have clicked on this podcast side of the page. Still blows my mind to this day.
Also, Go listen to The TrevStone Show! New Episodes coming soon! (I Produce it too for Pro Sports Extra)

Okay, The Massive, Dark Podcast Player at the top is how you can listen to any of our episodes. If you want The Anomalies headed straight for your favorite podcast service, Click Here, and on the Right hand side, Your respective service should be there. We have added The Anomalies to multiple directories, if it’s not in your favorite directory, DM @tylerallen, and I will investigate and see if we can’t get on there. Also, I have added my cash app and Venmo if you would like to Tip the podcast if you enjoy it, I go through a lot to edit and put together this podcast, so every little bit helps. It is in the podcast description with all the links.

For Video: These are the Youtube Videos, All On the Pro Sports Extra Youtube. Starting with Episode 20 with Anthony Gordon about Canadian Music.

You made it! Awesome! Share the living hell out of it! Rate! Subscribe! Review! Episode 50 with both audio and video will be out on Monday Morning!

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