Watch: Kyle Kuzma Had To Push LeBron Onto Player For Him To Play Defense | Game on the line

Written by TrevStone

Remember a week ago when LeBron James was complaining that the Lakers don’t play defense? Then throughout the following week he played no defense, threw the ball off the back of the backboard, bounced a ball into media equipment and broke it, and now this?

The young Lakers star, Kyle Kuzma literally had to push LeBron onto the player he was suppose to be guarding. If Kuzma didn’t…. Los Angeles would have given up a wide open three.

And.. This moment happened in a very, very late situation in the game. And what was LeBron going to do if Kuzma didn’t push him onto him? Just sit there and let him shoot?

Anyone else lovin’ this? Not because it’s the Lakers, but because it’s LeBron. He keeps talking trash…. but literally… This is getting sickening.

The Lakers also lost Kuzma to an non-contact ankle injury. Coach Luke Walton said that Kuzma was “limping pretty badly” and that he likely would not be expected to play in Wednesday’s matchup.

This isn’t good for a team that is already missing Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball. Could the Lakers miss the playoffs?

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