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Watch: Jusuf Nurkic Suffers Nastiest Leg Injury Of Year, Referee Then Kicks Snapped Leg

Written by TrevStone

Alright, so I know you hate watching these, but also can’t look away. Jusuf Nurkic just suffered one, if not the nastiest leg injury of the season and then… The referee closest to him kicks his leg, maybe pay attention to what’s around you ref…

With 2:22 remaining in the second overtime between Portland and Brooklyn on Monday night, Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic went down, hard, and very awkwardly. This happened during one of his best games of his career, dominating against the Nets with 32 points, 16 rebounds, five assists and four blocks.

I’m going to warn you… This is a VERY NASTY injury.

Prayers for Nurkic.

The Trail Blazers won 148-144.

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