We know a lot of our viewers don’t like us doing our political posts on their timelines, but oh boy, we have ourselves a goodie here involving the great, current President of the United States.

Per a tweet by user Greg Price, President Joe Biden was speaking at a press conference in Somerset, Massachusetts this past Wednesday afternoon. when he dropped a possible speech gaffe or stunner that he has-or had-cancer of some sort.

Down below is the clip that has the President’s quote.

Well apparently it is true, but Biden stated it wrongly. According to another Twitter user, he was potentially referring to the removal of his skin cancer that suffered in the past.

However, that didn’t stop other users from being baffled from his statement.

Can’t tell if he is serious or not about his ‘cancer’ reveal, but we’ll just say that it was his staff that caused the speech blunder or it was dementia that was showing.

Anyway, let’s say it’s just another day in which Biden and his administration continue to be an embarrassment to North America. Keep up with the gaffes, Joe! You’re doing anyone who loves memes wonders.

**HEADLINE PHOTO COURTESY to Greg Price/Twitter**


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