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Watch: Joe Biden Literally Says on Video, ‘I’m Going to Beat Joe Biden’

Written by Nate

To a lot of people here in the United States, the 2020 Presidential Election Race is perceived to be a disaster.

And this video here on YouTube, it further explains why.

At the beginning of the interview with MSNBC from Wilmington, Delaware, Biden literally said he’s going to ‘beat Joe Biden.’ Yes, he really did.

Before you go on and gripe about this video, yes, I do think he made mistake regarding his interview here.

However, this leads up to one head-scratching, but serious question for all Biden supporters… do you really think he is fit to take over in office, if he gets elected?

We all get he is 77-years-old, but even President Trump seems to be in better shape age-wise than Biden.

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