WATCH: Jamal Adams Responds to Fan Asking if He is Coming to Dallas: “I’m trying, bro” @Prez

Written by schultzyca

Jamal Adams continues to break my heart and other Jet fans hearts. A fan in Lewisville, Texas ran into Jamal and asked him if he is going to Dallas and he responded “I’m trying bro.”

My heart can’t take this, honestly being a Jet fan is MISERABLE and if Jamal leaves it will continue to just be that worse. It is very obvious that Jamal wants out and so be it, but the Jets still hold the cards because he is under control for two more years. I have no clue what is going to happen, but it looks like this relationship between Jamal Adams and the Jets is behind repair. This honestly sucks Jamal is a fantastic football player and honestly I think the New York Jets are building a respectable football team and I wanted Jamal to be at the head of that turn around, but who knows time will tell with Jamal but I would just like to let him know he is breaking my heart. I guess Jamal didn’t see my plea asking him to stay.

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