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Watch: Is This Possibly The Weirdest Kick Return in Madden History?

Written by Payton Vince

Madden 20 just came out on August 2 which means every gamer is playing the newly released game.

Barstool Sports tweeted out on their gaming branch of Twitter (Barstool Gametime) a kick return in a game that featured the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons.

As a gamer, this has to be infuriating due to the fact that Justin Hardy was tackled and somehow miraculously rolled through to continue running downfield. To add to the fact of it being returned to the house for 6 points the game was just heading into halftime as well.

Many odd moments happen in Madden like Greg Jennings scoring a touchdown with a broken leg, but not too many have had a kick return similar to this one with Hardy.

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