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Watch: Henry Cejudo Steps into the Music Game with “Cringe Ass Henry” – @HenryCejudo

Written by Tyler Allen

Henry Cejudo is exploring multiple avenues for when he does indeed leave the fight game. I expected pro wrestling because no body likes him, because I believe he is so outspoken. For the same reason, I like him & pro wrestling will when he does decide to come.

One of the ways Bad guys like Cejudo can do more “heeling” is to dive into Music and put out a track. Our Boss has done such about other employees at this company.

A fine example above, but what sets Cejudo apart, he does it about himself and his accolades. As A music reviewer, I’m gonna go 3 rounds with the song to see why it’s so damn impressive.

Round 1:

*Song Starts*

Cejudo leads out right from the get-go with a beat “There’s a champ in this house” Not gonna lie, took a shot to the head and I’m Stunned, because this a really good cover of ….

Thats right! “Cringe Ass Henry” is a good Cover of WAP. Sure, Henry’s ground game dominates the rest of the round.

Round Winner: Cejudo

Round 2: Triple C speaks to start the round, with the Hook? I take advantage of this change in song structure to take Cejudo down, but that doesn’t last long. Traditionally, songs open up with a verse, but damn, Triple C went for it and landed with the Hook anyway! He goes on into his verse about the various opponents he’s destroyed over his fighting career. Later on in the verse he riffs on his short stature, and being a virgin till he’s 32.

Round 2 Winner: Cejudo Again, Dammit!

Round 3: (Hook to finish)

“I take Selfies at funerals” & all the other cringe ass shit he does makes this song terrific, but the shot of the night was his last one of the song. “I’m the intergender champ because I pee sitting down.” The Champ may have rocked me with that shot, but doesn’t mean I go to sleep.

Round 3 & Fight Winner: Cejudo

Watch his music video celebration here:

Maybe more people will like you after this (like I currently do!)

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