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Watch: Flight Passengers, Pat McAfee Show Erupt in Cheers After Hearing There will be No More Mask Mandate for Public Travel (Video)

Breaking news was announced earlier Monday regarding a federal judge striking down on the mask mandate for public traveling (such as airplanes and busses), and let’s say, a lot of people are excited hearing about it.

And pretty much as expected, it was shared with positive feedback, cheers, and joy across most of Twitter.

However for extra jubilation, look no further than the guys on the Pat McAfee Show, as they exploded in cheer after Pat announced the news to AJ and the crew. Which resulted in screaming and cheering, dancing and everything else.

Though they did not dance on the planes, McAfee and the boys were not the only ones super excited about the announcement.

Here are a few clips of the other people’s reactions from ‘no more mask mandatenews. Some of them will bring a tear to your eye:

There’s a few more videos for us to post on the celebration, but you have to feel for the passengers and others that want to travel on planes now. For those who wish to take the masks off, they can finally breathe freely during their flights.

Hopefully there will be no more of those viral fights, involving masks and other bad stuff now. From here on out, it shall be just a speck on the radar in what has been a rough couple years due to COVID-19.

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