Watch: Fan in Good Spirits After Flipping Over Railing Trying to Catch Ball in Last Night’s 2021 Home Run Derby

Written by Nate

Last night was the famed Home Run Derby as part of the 2021 MLB All Star Game festivities, and there was a crazy, funny moment involving a fan trying to catch home run balls.

Over in the bleachers Coors Field in Denver, a fan in a magenta-colored shirt was caught on video falling over trying to retrieve one of the balls that was crushed out.

The problem with that stunt was that he didn’t get the ball. He gotten the cement or stairs, while the ball sailed into one of the tunnels at the ballpark.

The fan was even interviewed briefly on how he felt and what happened with that incident.

He said he didn’t see the highlight of his fall, but we bet he got a kick of it if he seen it based on his mood afterwards.

Let’s say the fan is in good spirits and safe after taking a tumble over that railing.

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