Former NFL player Quentin Hines who was a running back for the New England Patriots and is the CEO of the minor league football organization Rivals Professional Football League had an event at a school in Michigan recently at Mount Clemens High School. And some parents are upset after he brought what seemed to be strippers there.

The incident happened during the football league’s Peezy’s Sweetie’s Day Bash at the Michigan high school, although it was previously scheduled to take place at a stadium in Pontiac, Michigan.

Hines said that the woman wasn’t a stripper, but was “underdressed” and seen on a Facebook live video of the event dancing with little clothing in front of a man who wasn’t wearing a shirt.

“I don’t think she was a stripper. She was one of her dancers that was underdressed, and it’s unfortunate,” Hines said. “I did not know that someone would come that underdressed to dance with him.”

Yeah, well you can say you don’t think she was a stripper. But everyone there knows and is assuming she is. Especially when she has hardly and clothes on and is twerking everywhere and y’all are jamming the “heyyyyyyyy weeee wanntttt someeeee pusssssyyyyyyyy” song… [Click here to watch]

Apparently the school wasn’t sponsoring this event and really didn’t have anything to do with it. And there wasn’t any students in attendance. But for some reason I have a hard time believing not one student was there. I mean if I heard there was going to be a former NFL player at my school? I’d have been there. And add in the fact there is a stripper?

Obviously parents are really upset that this happened at a school. But guess what school I’d want to be transferring too?

State Superintendent Tricia Foster sent a letter after the incident:

“I’m writing to express our strong disapproval of the events that occurred over the weekend at Mount  Clemens High School.

“All of us, regardless of where we live or who we are, want the same things for our kids: a world-class education to excel in life and work. Our schools serve as the foundation of these goals and pillars of our communities, so it is important that every district presents an appropriate environment of learning that puts the best interest of students and parents first at all times.

“What has been reported from this weekend does not comport with these goals or values.  

“We are asking for the school district to conduct an immediate review to determine how such a large oversight or lapse in judgment was allowed to occur. We are further asking that you take action to hold the right people accountable for the events that unfolded. Lastly, we are encouraging the school district to implement policies, procedures, and safeguards to ensure this never happens again.

“This school year, districts across the state are receiving record funding from the Fiscal Year 2023 budget that Governor Whitmer recently signed into law. This funding will help students learn, hire and retain educators and staff, upgrade building infrastructure, and provide afterschool programs. Our top priority is always putting students and parents first. 

“I look forward to your cooperation in this matter.”


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