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WATCH: Epic Stone Cold Stunner At A Wedding On The Dance Floor!

Is there anything better than a wedding?

Think about it for a second. A wedding is when you get to see somebody’s favorite things on display but with a whole lot of love and emotion. If a couple enjoys Disney, get ready for a night full of sing a longs and quotes from the classic tales. If your buddy loves sports, you know his speech will include a couple memorable sports quotes and/or rants from a coach or two. Maybe only a couple of drunk guys invited sitting in the back will get it but who cares? To them, it is hilarious.

Now imagine the bachelor party or even bachelorette party? Yeah, people immediately make jokes about strippers showing up at the party, but that isn’t even the best part. It is about one last no holds barred guys’ night. Or a weekend getaway to Las Vegas to gamble away your last five hundred bucks in your wallet? Heck, weddings aren’t cheap, much less any kind of honeymoon or impending shopping trips at the mall. Good luck buddy!

Again, every wedding is unique and FUN! There may be some planning drama and nonsense about meals or invitations but meh. The conclusion is more than worth it. Ever lasting love and an evening (or two) with your closest family and friends doing what YOU love to do. Best of all, nobody can complain and suggest anything else. It is YOUR wedding! Your time to call the shots and run the show as you see fit. Plus, the idea of gifts to open later on! Like Christmas and a birthday all rolled into one big happy ending.

Again, I ask – is there anything better than a wedding?

Yes, there is.

A wedding with a freakin’ Stone Cold Stunner delivered on the dance floor!

Ladies and gentlemen, I was at a wedding years back where the groom walked that aisle with a WWE Championship title belt, as CM Punk’s theme music played. Awesome, awesome, awesome moment. It was great,and my only regret was that I didn’t have a better phone because recording it sucked big time, and the lone picture that turned out okay never saved. The ‘moment’ though was perfect. He was the groom, he loved WWE and was a big fan of CM Punk. Perfect blend of it all. The only thing missing was a Stone Cold Stunner right then and there.

Luckily, that was captured years later at a different wedding. You see, it is quite simple. Duck a clothesline, kick to the gut and wham – STUNNER! Forget the maid of honor and bride watching in bewilderment! Que the referee to count the pinfall and ring the bell – one, two, three. Celebrate, gloat and always play to the ‘hard camera.’ Always need to know where the ‘hard camera’ is folks. Long story short, weddings are great, but Stone Cold Stunners are better! 


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