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Watch: Elder Business Owner Attacked During Kenosha, WI/BLM Riots

On Sunday, a mass uproar and riots ensued after the police-involved shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake, who turned out to have a couple past priors, along with an arrest warrant.

However, here’s some news that can turn some people’s heads.

In an article by Paul Joseph Watson and Summit News, there is a video that was surfaced about a 70-year-old business owner who was assaulted by one of the rioters down in Kenosha, Wisconsin this past Monday night.

You can see in the video below that the owner had a fire extinguisher in his hand and was spraying people that were looting in his store. Then one of the people came up and punches him in the face/head area.

The woman nervously filming the video said she wanted to help out the man, but had witnessed the assault. After the assault, she was being lectured on the Black Lives Matter movement.

“This poor man got his business caught on fire,” said the woman filming. “He didn’t deserve any of that, any of it, this is just wrong guys, do you not see this?”

The search for the rioter who assaulted the owner is ongoing.

Just a day after the attack, one of the city’s residents confirmed that the owner has been released from the hospital and is feeling fine.

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