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Watch: Double Amputee Quarterback Throws Touchdown Pass at @Lions Family Fest

Written by Nate

There are some things that are just more than football. And for 14-year-old Carter Holge, he had the upmost moment of a lifetime. 

Holge, who is a double-amputee living in Houston, has dreamed of being a NFL quarterback as told by ABC 7 Detroit. Plus he is hopeful of being the NFL’s first double-amputee quarterback in history. 

The Detroit Lions made that opportunity happen as on the very first pass of their Family Fest event, he threw a touchdown pass to a wide-open wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr (#11). 

Video from the team’s Twitter account is down below. 

The Lions’ Family Fest is an open-air practice that is held at Ford Field annually. 

Making moments happen for people like Calder is what makes sports the best. Kudos to the Lions for making this happen for him. 

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