WATCH: Donald Trump said something we can all get behind: “We need to get our sports back” | @realDonaldTrump

Written by schultzyca

Donald Trump is not everyone’s favorite person but earlier today at his press conference he said something that we can all agree on: WE NEED SPORTS BACK.

It is just annoying and depressing watching sporting events that happened ten plus years ago this whole time is just so depressing. Who would of thought that a FLU would stop the world dead in its tracks and make life seem like it is just at a stand still. Life is so depressing right now because sports even though it is a menial part of life and doesn’t play a big part in the grand scheme of things it is an escape for many and right now we really have nothing to look forward too expect for the NFL Draft. So hopefully soon once everything because ‘safe’ we can start going back to normal or whatever our new normal is. Well in the mean time Stay Safe & Stay Home!

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