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WATCH: Dave Portnoy Gives ’Unbiased’ Reaction/Press Conference to Michigan-Wisconsin Fight

Some Michigan alumni and basketball fans are condemning a negative reaction to the postgame fight between coaches Juwan Howard and Wisconsin’s Greg Gard. However, there are a few certain ones that are defending the actions of Howard and their team.

One key alumnus that took it to Twitter to share his reaction to the fight was none other than Barstool Sports founder and outspoken Michigan alumnus, Dave Portnoy, with his recent emergency press conference stating that the Michigan head coach was ‘assaulted.’

Portnoy basically said that he was innocent in the skirmish because ‘a Wisconsin coach started it’ Well Dave, another set of footage shows otherwise.

As seen in one of our posts early Sunday afternoon, it appeared that Gard and Howard touched each other simultaneously with Howard saying to the Badgers coach that he’ll ‘remember that shit’ for a late timeout. And then just seconds later, all hell would break loose with both teams involved and the Michigan slapping another Wisconsin assistant in the head.

Other Wolverines alumni also spoke out in defense of coach Howard such as Desmond Howard, but video doesn’t lie.

There will be a suspension incoming for Howard and a couple players coming up, and it is deserved. Don’t matter who started the fight, a head coach should not fight in the handshake line, ever.

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