WATCH: Charles Barkley- The “Griddy” World Champion

Charles Barkley, a basketball superstar of NBA’s past, has gone by many nicknames: Sir Charles, The Round Mound of Rebound, The Chuckster, The Chuck Wagon, The Prince of Pizza, The Incredible Bulk, The Leaning Tower of Pizza, Bread Truck, and many more. During his play time, he was an All-Star, an Olympian, and a league MVP. But today, he has added another accolade for himself. To some, this will be the most important of all of his accomplishments.

The Griddy is a celebratory dance started by Louisiana football player, Allen Davis. Since his initiation of this dance, many NFL players began using it as their celebration. It has since become a TikTok trend. Many have performed this dance, but Charles Barkley claims he can do it best, saying he “leads the country” in this dance.

Watch the video here:

America is split on whether or not he deserves the title. Check it out:

Chuckster’s improving! Cmon’ man why Ernie and the Jet salty?— Dynamite700 🧢 (@DynaLopez2017) March 19, 2022

Chuck’s Griddy looks like a potato doing a bird walk.— Felix in 🅿️ortland (@FelixRadio) March 19, 2022

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