Watch: CeeDee Lamb Makes Incredible Catch in New Combine Drill

At this years NFL draft combine, there is a new end zone fade drill that was added with 15 other new drills. This is a drill where receivers run a fade route to the the end zone and have to make an in bounds catch. Welp…CeeDee Lamb just went and blew it out of the water.

Lamb himself even took some time to admire his own work.

I am on record saying that I am a die-hard Browns fan, and as much as they need a couple tackles in this draft, no one is talking about how after Odell and Landry, we don’t have a lot of depth at receiver.

With this being one of the most receiver stacked drafts in years, it would be nice to see them have a change of heart and take this guy at 10…wait a minute…157 pounds…never mind I guess we are taking a tackle. *rolls eyes*.

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