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Watch: Carnival Ride at Michigan’s Cherry Festival Was Literally Rocking Back and Forth While Ride Was Going

Written by Nate

Talk about craziness at the carnival.

As seen on multiple posts throughout social media, a couple videos have gone viral after a carnival ride at the Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan suffered a major malfunction and was literally rocking back and forth, almost tipping over on its side.

In the video below by Jay Towers, you can see the ride was about to tip over from its platform before a group of Good Samaritans come in and held on to the ride with all their weight to make sure it doesn’t fall over with riders on board.

After the horrifying ride was over, all the riders appeared were shaken up, but okay. For every person who plans to ride on these rides, please be careful and be mindful of all the rides for the operators’ and your safety.

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