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Watch: Big Line for Drive-Thru Seen Outside New U.P. KFC Restaurant (Sault Ste. Marie)

Written by Nate

It appears that the crazy lines for the drive-thru to get food at a brand-new location had made a comeback earlier Monday.

In a viral Facebook post by Mark Bowen, there was a long line of cars gathering and waiting outside of the brand-new KFC location in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. The restaurant just opened up today.

As you can see in Mark’s video, the line on his side of the road has stretched back towards a stoplight and then some.

And to follow up in the post, someone in the comments posted that the line dwindled a little, but there’s still a line worth noting.

This line is possibly at par for the crazy opening lines that go with the craze surrounding Popeyes and their new chicken sandwich in the summer.

And with the events surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak/pandemic still going on, these types of big drive-thru lines will likely continue for a while. Hopefully it will be a short time before we can eat inside again.

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