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Watch Baker Mayfield Get Arrested; Mayfield Cheating Scandal Heats Up As New Details Emerge

Written by Chris Powers

2022 has not been the best year for Baker Mayfield.

First and foremost, Mayfield lost his starting job with the Cleveland Browns, a franchise that he more or less helped rebuild after decades of embarrassing seasons to DeShaun Watson. The hope for Cleveland is that Watson will bring a different level of versatility at the QB1 position that Mayfield seemingly could not achieve.

Shortly after the signing of Watson, rumors began to swirl that Baker found himself in the DM’s of another woman that was not his wife. The video below details some of Mayfield’s exchanges with the alleged woman he communicated with.

It seems like Mayfield is always in some kind of trouble, whether it be with the NCAA, the NFL or even the law. Back in February of 2017, Mayfield was arrested for public intoxication. You can watch the video of his arrest here:

One would think that Mayfield would learn from his mistakes, but it seems he has not. He consistently makes an ass of himself in public for whatever reason. Whether it is on the field or off, he seems to be losing public support due to his behavior. Only time will tell if Mayfield will land with another team that will be willing to support his antics.

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