WATCH: Armed citizens in Minneapolis are attempting to stop looters? Looks like they just want an excuse to shoot people

Written by schultzyca

If you can’t see past the bullshit that these two men are spewing I don’t know if I can help you. These two rednecks are trying to seem like they are being warriors ‘helping a tobacco shop’ which already was looted seems like great social justice warriors they are. If you ask me these two gentleman look very trigger happy and want an excuse to shoot someone. You think they care about people looting? C’mon they literally say in the video ‘oh Target is on fire.’ Why are they not helping Target? It is not about looting for them they want to strike fear with displaying their guns, but that will not stop the riots, justice will. You really do not need multiple men holding automatic raffles to secure a smoke shop which clearly already was looted. Wake up the media is trying to divide us, the government wants to separate us, when we come together we are more powerful than them. Divided we are easily manipulated to think how the media and government wants us to think. We need to WAKE UP!

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