Why is the music so loud? Aaron Rodgers was being interviewed by the NFL Network after a 24-16 win against the Panthers where he voiced his displeasure in his teams performance while loud ass music is playing in the background was probably the funniest thing that happened tonight. Rodgers called this a “disappointing win” and in the second half the Packers almost let the game slip away he said that it “leaves a sour taste in his mouth”.

He clearly was not happy so to have Frank Sinatras rendition of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” blaring in the background is hilarious. In a snooze feast of a game this probably was the most entertaining part of the night. For the better part of this odd NFL season I really did think the Packers were the clear Super Bowl favorites but after tonight I am not so sure. You would think a powerhouse team like Green Bay should dominate a subpar Carolina Panthers team.

It was nice to see Rodgers make light out of the situation by trying to stay serious and ending up just losing it and laughing because of how loud the music actually was. Thankful for this moment though seriously because this easily was the most entertaining part of tonights game because the actual game was the ultimate snooze fest.


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