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WATCH: Aaron Donald Duels Helmet As A Weapon Against Bengals Players

Written by BadBoiCiCi

Should Aaron Donald be arrested or did the other guy just call him the n-word (Myles Garrett reference). The Bengals and Rams had a joint practice today that turned violent. Both teams engaged in a scuffle and Aaron Donald can be seen swinging a helmet at, what seems to be multiple Bengals players, hard to tell. 

Very scary situation, I just hope it wasn’t Joe Burrows’ pretty face. I think we need to reevaluate who the scariest player in the league is now because the scariest player in the league shouldn’t need a weapon. Vontaze Burfict used a helmet but at least it was always on his head, back when men were men. 

So now we wait to see if Aaron Donald is suspended and how it stacks up to Deshaun Watson’s suspension because that’s what the media is gonna do. Someone will break down the math about x amount of swings is equal to x amount of sexually assaulted women. Can’t wait for more info on this story and to hear Aaron’s apology.

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