Watch 7’9 Man Dunk Basketball Without Jumping; Will Change Landscape of NBA Forever

Written by Chris Powers

Tacky Fall. Manure Bol. Yao Ming. Gheorge Muresan. Each of these big men made a massive impact in the NBA because of their towering height. Whether it came from rebounding or blocking shots, these were some of the greatest big men in NBA history.

But when it’s all said and done, none of them will have a better career than 7’9 Abiodun Adegoke.

Abiodun Adegoke is a 2.36 metres (7 ft 9 in) tall Nigerian basketball player who is currently notable for being the tallest basketball player alongside Sun Mingming. Referred to as “Big Naija”, Adegoke’s age is of controversy as a news report reported his age as 22 and 2.18 meters tall in the year 2016. At that time he had size 53 feet but the biggest shoe that he could find after much searching was a size 50.

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