Welcome to the Christmas/holiday season in 2020.

A viral video has been going through social media recently a a four-year-old boy was in tears after being refused a Nerf gun for Christmas this year by a mall Santa Claus.

As mentioned on a episode of Steven Crowder’s ‘Good Morning Mug Club’ series, Michael DeCarlo was seen on video captured by his mother, SaBella, asking for a Nerf gun and was outright denied of one from Santa.

You can see DeCarlo starting to cry to his parents after he was told no.

Luckily for the boy, he will have gifts and his Nerf gun coming courtesy to many people who seen the video, including Dana Loesch and Crowder himself (who dressed up as Santa for young Michael).

The mall would eventually tell that Santa Claus to resign and will be bringing in a new Santa.


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