Watch: 2021 Super Bowl DogeCoin Commercial

Written by schultzyca

Can you imagine if Dogecoin has a Super Bowl commercial tomorrow? It is being heavily rumored that they have something planned and maybe someone even leaked the potential commercial.

The Internet will explode if this happens! Doge is up big today almost up to 0.06 cents today! I can only imagine how much it goes up if they have a commercial play, it might reach .10 cents or even higher! Doge to the moon!

I will be glued to my T.V tomorrow and will be paying very close attention to every commercial that plays because now I do not want to miss a potentially historical moment. This could be earth shattering!

The question will quickly become where were you when the Dogecoin commercial played during the Super Bowl!

The way I view dogecoin is it is the peoples crypto this is a way to say fuck you to the establishment of traditional investors! The Internet is an extremely powerful place when people come together for a cause! All I know is I am on the rocket ship next stop the MOON!

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