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Washington Wizards To Change Team Name in 2023 @nba

Written by Chris Powers

As many of you know, the Washington Football Team dropped their historic Washington Redskins name back in 2019 after many years of resistance from people who thought the name had racist undertones.

The Washington Wizards also changed their name from the Washington Bullets back in 1997.

In November 1995, team owner Abe Pollin announced he was changing the team’s nickname because Bullets had acquired violent overtones that had made him increasingly uncomfortable over the years, particularly given the high homicide and crime rate in the early 1990s in Washington, D.C. The name change was widely believed to be related to the assassination of Pollin’s longtime friend, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

So here we are again in 2022, and the Wizards will be changing their name again to the following:

Yes, you read that correctly. No W’s, just L’s.

Since the Wizards name change 25 years ago, they have only had 7 seasons with a winning percentage over .500. The Wizards are “hands down” the worst professional sports franchise in Washington D.C. as their last world championship came in 1978 when they were still the Bullets.

Since becoming the Wizards, the team has seen little to no success. Most people in the DC area would agree that it is a terrible name and that it is absolutely time for a change.

The Wizards should be called the Lizards simply because they don’t even know what a W is, they only know what an L is.

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