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Washington releases quarterback Dwayne Haskins!

Written by Angel

The Washington Football Team finds itself one win away from punching their playoff ticket. They also have found themselves with one of the biggest draft busts in recent memory.

Dwayne Haskins was benched during the team’s loss to the Carolina Panthers yesterday. NFL rules state that the team’s starting quarterback is required to speak to the press which Haskins apparently refused when he left the facility before making himself available.

That apparently was the final straw as the team has officially released their first-round pick from just a year ago. He will now go on waivers and can be claimed by any team.

His strip club fiasco and poor play were apparently the combinations that did him in. according to multiple reports coming out of Washington.

I was not as high as some when Haskins first declared for the NFL draft and his maturity issues have proven me correct. I hope whatever this player is going through gets resolved as he does have some traits that teams could find intriguing.

Haskins has proven to be too big of a prima donna without accomplishing anything in the NFL. That deadly combination serves as a precautionary tale for anyone else who thinks that talent alone is enough to succeed in the NFL.

I now wonder if any team will make a claim for this talented but seemingly unmotivated player. Haskins grew up rooting for the Washington Football team which makes his bad body language confusing.

This situation reminds me of former first-round draft bust JaMarcus Russell and hopefully, Haskins can put it back together and compete rather than expect things to be given to him. If he doesn’t learn this lesson, this could be the end of the line.

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