Washington in Trouble at Quarterback?

Mitch Trubisky: It has been said that if Trubisky becomes the Commanders’ starter, they’ve failed the offseason. I have to disagree. We can all agree that Matt Nagy was not the option for the Bears. In fact, he may be the worst coaching option they had. Yet, Trubisky brought them to the playoffs. He played well. Maybe he was the reason they did so well.

Jimmy Garoppolo: Jimmy G trade possibilities have been highly discussed. With the recent quarterback developments, one has to wonder what the price for a quarterback with Garoppolo’s pedigree would be, but the Commanders are hard-pressed to find a solid quarterback. Another interesting, but less likely trade would be for his heir, Trey Lance. Lance has the arm talent, much like Winston, but reports say he really needs a great deal more time on the training field before he can hit game action.

Draft: This year’s draft class is considered weak overall. However, you never know what kind of diamonds may be found in the rough. Malik Willis from Liberty is a quarterback who has recently been tied to the Commanders. He’s another player that fits the Cam Newton mold and Coach Rivera likes that. Other options include: Matt Corral and Kenny Pickett.

With all of these options, we have to remember that Taylor Heineke was a serviceable backup. With a little more time, who knows what he could become. One thing is certain, though, Washington needs to figure out their quarterback situation sooner rather than later.