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Washington Football Team Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves On How They Are Honoring The Great Sean Taylor

The Washington Football Team announced that they will be honoring former Safety Sean Taylor this Sunday against the Cheifs and the timing of it is disgraceful.

If you haven’t heard over the last year or so the WFT is under investigation for sexual harassment and videotaping cheerleaders while they were getting undressed. While the league was conducting their investigation, they came across emails from Jon Gruden to former Washington team president Bruce Allen talking in a racist, homophobic language that then cost Jon Gruden his job. And now the WFT is using Sean Taylor’s legacy to try and deter from the bad publicity.

Sean Taylor is one of the greatest safeties to ever grace the gridiron and they hotshot his jersey being retired because of bad press that has come and will continue to come out. Sean Taylor was tragically shot and killed when his home was invaded in 2007 shocking the sports world. He’s a player that is revered by fans and players who remember the player and person he was and now WFT is spitting in the face of that.

First and foremost, his number should’ve been retired a long time ago but the fact that you send out the announcement just 3 days beforehand shows your true intentions. The team doesn’t care about the ceremony one but and it will most likely be some thrown-together thing because they hot-shotted it due to the emails leaking. If they really cared they would’ve announced something before the season starting so fans knew to flock to that game to honor the late great Sean Taylor but instead chose this route.

This team has been known to be one of the laughing stocks of the league and this just cements that sentiment. They need to do better for the fans of Sean Taylor but most importantly his family and his legacy. Utter lack of respect for the player and human that this team just showed they had for Sean Taylor and I hope whoever the team representative that is presenting that ceremony gets booed out of the stadium for their actions.

Rest Easy Sean, you deserved better.

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