It is certainly on the wish of most fans that Washington Football team that an extension is signed for Terry McLaurin in the upcoming offseason. Despite his stats waning the last few weeks of the season, McLaurin has proven to be one of the better wide receivers that Washington has had in quite some time. However, could you blame McLaurin for not signing an extension with WFT? They currently have an unresolved quarterback situation as Taylor Heinicke is unquestionably not the quarterback of the future in Washington.

McLaurin is entering the prime of his career at 28 years of age, and needs to think about his long term future. On paper, it does not seem like WFT will be the best long term fit for him, unless the quarterback position is addressed quickly in the offseason. Although he will likely see an offer of extension from WFT, signing with them for a few more years as of right now does not seem like the best option for his career. For now, McLaurin needs to focus on his last game of the season against the New York Giants and we will have to wait and see what happens.

In other Washington Football Team news, they had a rocky season to say the least. Aside from worrying about McLaurin resigning with the team next year, they have let go of yet another player at the wide receiver position as they waived 4th round 2020 draft pick Antonio Gandy-Golden.


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