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Washington Defensive Lineman Jonathan Allen Delivered Blows to Teammate Da’Ron Payne on Sideline During Sunday Night Football #WFTvsDAL

It is currently an ugly night for the Washington Football Team on Sunday Night Football, and a current incident on the sidelines is making it more uglier.

While being routed by their arch rivals in the Dallas Cowboys, defensive linemen, and former Alabama Crimson Tide teammates, Jonathan Allen and Da’Ron Payne, came into blows during a disagreement with their teammates and line coach.

You can see in Ari Meirov’s video below that Allen lined up for a punch to Payne, and almost landed to him.

The Football Team’s season is very disappointing to say the least, but with the drama that is happening both on the field and in the front office, it’s not getting any better. Luckily their teammates were around, otherwise, everyone would’ve gotten involved.

In a side note, Bruce Allen would probably approve of that scuffle if he was still around.

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