Washington Commanders coach Ron Rivera STORMS OUT of post-win press conference

Written by Tony Ghaul

A week of stress and speculation surrounding the Washington Commanders franchise ended with a win over the Chicago Bears Thursday night.

After a loss on Sunday and comments made by Head Coach Ron Rivera regarding why the Commanders are last in their division, Washington pulled out an ugly, but necessary 12-7 win over the Bears to move to 2-4 on the season.

Speculation over whether or not the organization was happy QB Carson Wentz led to a tirade by Rivera in a post-game press conference. Reports surfaced that Rivera didn’t want Wentz at QB, but owner Dan Snyder was the one who decided on him.

‘They’ve played their asses off. They have, they play their asses off for everybody. They come out and they show up they work hard, alright?,’ Rivera told reporters.

‘They don’t complain, OK? They hear all the stuff and they gotta deal with it. I get that and I respect them for it, ’cause they’re resilient. They come back.

‘Everyone keeps wanting to say that I didn’t want anything to do with Carson [Wentz]. Well bulls***. I’m the f***ing guy that pulled out the sheets of paper, that looked at the analytics that watched the tape in fricken… Indianapolis. OK? And that’s what p***es me off. Because the young man doesn’t deserve to have that all the time. I’m sorry, I’m done,’ Rivera said storming out of the press conference.

Commanders QB Carson Wentz says he and Rivera spoke about the comments and moved on. Photo courtsey of Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

This comes on top of the news that Owner Daniel Snyder, who is embroiled in an ongoing scandal regarding alleged sexual harassment and hostile workplace accusations against himself and and the Commanders, reportedly hiring private investigators to look into other league owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell.

This organization is a Dumpster Fire. They are a complete mess from top to bottom. Ron Rivera is losing it. The stress is getting to him. These problems seem to follow Carson Wentz, wherever he goes.

Washington Commanders Head Coach Ron Rivera. Photo courtsey of The Daily Mail

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