Was Vince McMahon Planning To Go Head Up With Spence vs Pacquiao?

Written by EricLyonsTV

I’ve been wondering all Summer why WWE decided to set a Saturday night date for the biggest PPV of the Summer. Outside of the last two Wrestlemanias that were split into two nights, WWE PPV’s are typically held on Sunday nights. I have had a theory since the announcement that Vince wanted to steal the show in Vegas. So let’s backtrack to May of this year when the announcement for the Spence vs Pacquiao fight was made. The bout was set for August 21st at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. A very normal date and location for a boxing match this did not surprise me. Then a couple weeks later on June 5th right before the Belmont Stakes WWE came out and made their own announcement.

My literal first thought was “Why the Hell would you try to go head up with arguably the biggest fight of the Summer?” Then I was thinking about how crazy Vegas would be that night. You’re bringing in thousands of people from all over for a big WWE PPV at Allegiant Stadium then at the same time thousands will be packed into the T-Mobile Arena for a super fight. I believe there are a lot of crossover fans who love wrestling and boxing so it would have been an interesting night for people like me and ESPN’s Mike Coppinger. I doubt that Vegas was always the plan for SummerSlam because coming into this year we had no vaccine and still no stadiums, this came to fruition weeks after the fight announcement. They were still deciding between locations after May 21st so it’s apparent that Vince who is a mad scientist wanted to try to take the spotlight, money, and be the king of Las Vegas.

My theory makes even more sense when you look even deeper. The Raiders are away this weekend so the stadium would have still been available. Then the NXT Takeover event is on Sunday instead of Saturday like it usually is during SummerSlam weekend. Why were the events switched around? Because Vince McMahon wanted to prove that WWE is still the powerhouse in the wrestling world. I’m sure he was pleased to find out that this Saturday night’s main event changed course because once again for crossover fans like me it will be an easy choice made. Do I really want to see Pacquiao vs Ugas? Or John Cena vs Roman Reigns? It’s looking like I’ll be watching Cena become a 17 time world champion. In the end Vince always wins.

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