Was this Vince Carter’s final bucket?

Written by schultzyca

In one of the wildest nights in sports history season the NBA season was suspended until further notice because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Knicks and Hawks played in wild game that ultimately went to overtime, and while the season is under suspension this could of been Vince Carter’s final game prematurely. Carter checked in last 19.5 seconds of the game and his final moment of his career was drilling a three.

The universe works in strange ways because Vince Carter’s career began in a shortened season back in 1998, and most likely will end in a shortened season in 2020.

Vince Carter is arguably the best dunker of all-time, and it sucks that his career could potentially end like this. Carter is an eight-time All Star, in 1999 he won the Rookie of the Year Award, and in 2000 he won the Slam Dunk contest. A first ballot Hall of Famer no doubt, and if his career ends like this it’s very unfortunate. Vince Carter played longer than anyone in NBA history playing 22 seasons, played in four different decades. He went out a legend that is for sure.

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