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Was Joe Biden Dropped on His Head as a Baby?

Written by Mike Rickard II

Opinion: Was Joe Biden dropped on his head as a baby? Although “Creepy” Joe was praised for his speech at night four of the 2020 Democratic National Convention when he accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination as its Presidential candidate, there are still doubts about his mental capacities. Now, I pose the question, was Baby Joe Biden dropped on his head way back when?

Although we don’t know if “Sleepy” Joe was dropped on his head as a baby, scientific studies have an idea of what can happen when an infant slips out of someone’s hands and does a header. According to Science Daily:

Childhood brain injuries, including concussions, are associated with an increased risk of subsequent mental illness, poor school attainment and premature death, according to a study published today in PLOS Medicine.

“Creepy” Joe may look like another handsy perv, but what’s going on in that head of his?

We know that Joe “Bidementia” had his troubles in school (in fact, “Lyin'” Joe bragged about some incredible academic achievements such as getting a full scholarship to law school, only for reporters to expose his claims as lies), but he did make it through college and law school, which typically requires a modicum of effort (unless your last name is Kennedy or some other family that financed a campus endowment or building). So let’s say Joe hasn’t had poor school attainment. At 77, Joe hasn’t had a premature death either. Finally, while he seems mentally deficient, there’s no sign of mental illness or his propensity for sniffing women’s hair

or getting way too handsy with women and kids.

So while it’s possible Joe Biden was dropped on his head as an infant, he didn’t suffer any of the typical damage associated with said injury. That being said, his apparent mental incapacity, propensity for completely inappropriate behavior around women and kids, and rumored sexual assaults and/or harassment make him a terrible candidate for President.

As for dropping babies, I’ll leave you with this insight from Anthony Jeselnik:

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