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Was Jackson Mahomes Snorting Something At A Concert? (VIDEO)

Written by austenlange

While Patrick MAhomes is one of the best and brightest of the young quarterbacks in all of football. We all know him for his amazing skill on the football field, his Kermit The Frog sounding voice, and his annoying ass little brother.

Jackson Mahomes has been anything but a stand up human being. He consistently tries to make everything about him and can’t fully comprehend that his success and notoriety is ALL FROM BIG BRO.

Jackson Mahomes Grinding on Woman in Patrick Mahomes Jersey on Mechanical  Bull Goes Viral – BlackSportsOnline

Jackson is seen as a MENACE TO SOCIETY from his weird ass dancing videos to him FUCKING on a mechanical bull. While the girl wears his brothers jersey, very fucking weird. Needless to say Jackson is always in the headlines, and well last week was nothing different.

In a very viral clip, Jackson is being seen doing something super strange at a recent concert.

Now, I’m not the one to try and speculate that Jackson is riding the white pony, THAT is not my job.

It’s also not my job to say that Jackson Mahomes has been, “railing lines, and banging 9’s”. IT JUST IS NOT MY PLACE.

However, it does look like our sweet prince Jackson has been on the booger sugar and for his own sake, I hope he doesn’t get too addicted.

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