Woah, woah, woah! What do we have here? More drama surrounding the slap heard around the World?!?

There is a Facebook post that is going viral that shows what some people are saying is Chris Rock wearing a face pad before he was struck by Will Smith at the Grammys.

If by chance you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what happened click here to watch Will Smith smack Chris Rock.

I can’t lie, I’m 99% sure that this is photo shopped but thousands of people are sharing this image all over Facebook. And I also wanted to give you guys the option to vote (below) on if you think it’s fake.

Talk about craziness!

I’m still shocked that this happened but I mean it’s possible to be staged/fake but why would either one of them want drama? Besides to make more money. They are a couple of the best actors. But on the other side of it we know that Will Smith has a past with assault. So something like this isn’t so shocking.

Although we all continue to hope for the best Will and that he can overcome this all. Above is an image of Bradley Cooper talking to Will after this happened.

But what is also shocking is the fact that he is sticking up for his wife so much after all he’s been through with her. Just shows the love he has for her. Just worries me because they were at the point that she was sleeping with her sons friend. Maybe he feels he needed to try and gain her love back fully? I don’t know. With all he’s been through there was a breaking point and we all seen it live.

This event just continued to get wilder by the moment as there was also a Venus Williams nip-slip which basically ended up swept under the everything with the Will Smith and Chris Rock drama.

Now this isn’t the only reason this could be staged, flip the page by clicking the button below to see another WILD reason why this is possible fake:

Vote below of if it was staged:


Here is another image of the slap, you tell me. That image has to be edited that’s being shared on Facebook but you know what? Facebook will run with it.


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