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Was Amber Heard Doing Coke While Crying on the Witness Stand?!

Feel free to call us conspiracy theorists all you want, but this looked like a pretty bold thing to do especially if you’re a defendant in a highly publicized court case.

Actress and accused person in the famous defamation lawsuit involving former spouse and actor Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, took a set at the witness stand to testify earlier this week to give her side of the story on the whole ‘Depp domestic abuse’ case.

However, it was happened during her crying episodes that has left everyone baffled and confused.

On Twitter, a few users tweeted out stating that they think Amber was sniffing cocaine as she was wiping tears off her nose/face area.

Here are a few of those tweets:

The whole viral belief could end up being true as you seen in the video in the tweets above. Why?

Amber was seen to be plugging one of her nostrils, and she had a tissue or handkerchief in a hand-scoop position as she was about to take a hit of coke up her other nostril.

If that whole stunt is deemed real, that could explain why Amber acted so crazy during the whole abuse allegation and emotional up at the stand in front of a nationwide audience.

Just a wild and complete mess all around.

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