Was AEW All Out 2021 The Greatest Wrestling PPV Of All Time?

Written by Robert McCarver

WOW. What a show that was last night for wrestling fans and people who just tuned in for the first time because CM Punk returned and wanted to see it. AEW by far put on their best show ever last night and it has strapped a rocket to them that could lead them to surpass WWE in ratings within the next calendar year.

If you haven’t watched the show and you have at least a little interest in wrestling go and order the re-run and you won’t be disappointed with the $50 it costs you. Everything on the card delivered besides one match which was Paul White vs QT Marshall which, let’s be honest, was a bathroom break match but other than that what a show.

From hard-hitting brutes to modern-day high spots this show had every styler that you could ask for from a wrestling show and on top of all that huge surprises were waiting in the wings.

The first surprise of the night was a legitimate psychopath making his AEW debut after Jon Moxley defeated Satoshi Kojima out came Minoru Suzuki. If you haven’t seen or heard of Suzuki go out of your way and look him up because he gives zero [email protected]&^#$ about anything.

That was just a tasting of what was to come. Later on in the night, AEW had their women’s casino battle royale and the last entrant was non-other than Ruby Soho. FKA Ruby Riott made her debut in AEW and the crowd gave her the reaction she desperately deserved.

Ruby went on to win the match and has a future title match against the most over woman in wrestling, D.M.D. Britt Baker.

Then the angle after the main event of Kenny Omega vs Christian Cage where Omega defeated Cage to retain the AEW title. After the match, the Super Elite came down to the ring to beat down Christian Cage and eventually Jurassic Express after they rushed the ring to try and help Christain Kenny Omega cut a promo. And this happened…

ADAM COLE BAY BAY!!!!!! Has joined AEW and while it looked like he was going to go against his former friends, he quickly revealed he was rejoining the Elite

The night seemed to be over and as Omega was sending the crowd home out came The American Dragon Bryan Danielson to come on down and go after the elite.

These moments were amazing and I haven’t even talked about perhaps the greatest Steel Cage match of all time between the Yong Bucks and Lucha Bros or the Women’s title match with Britt Baker taking on Kris as they had a damn good match as well. Oh and by the way CM Punk had his first match in 7 years and that’s not even the most talked about thing on the show.

So is it the greatest wrestling PPV of all time? I can’t answer that for everyone because all fans are different but for my money, I don’t think you can point to a show that was better from top to bottom. Obviously, there are shows that probably match it but I can’t think of one show that anybody can say definitively is better than what AEW gave us last night with ALL OUT 2021.

What do you consider the greatest wrestling PPV of all time?

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