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Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Calls Memphis Grizzlies Play ‘Dirty,’ Yet His Own Player, Draymond Green, is Arguably One of the League’s Dirtiest Players

Sometimes for an NBA coach, they have to be aware what type of play is going out on the court. But for Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, he displayed a display of zero self-awareness early Tuesday night.

In Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals against the Memphis Grizzlies, Kerr points out in an interview that the Grizzlies were playing ‘dirty’ in the first quarter.

Yes, Kerr was correct. Memphis was indeed playing physical/borderline dirty against Warriors in the series.

However, Kerr does Draymond Green on his team. The same player that had kicked another in the groin area, and recently, got ejected for pulling down Memphis’s Brandon Clarke to the floor by the jersey.

Coach Kerr, perhaps you’re not the right person to talk about teams being dirty while playing. Especially when you have one of the more so-called ‘dirty players’ playing for Golden State out there.

He may have made a good point, but not the right time to call out another team for being that.

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