Warning to Parents! Help Identify Jayy Crucial. Possibly Located in Riverdale, GA. Solicited Minor For Sex

Written by joe.breaux

First and foremost, a warning to readers. What you are about to read is vile and disgusting. No other words can describe it. However, it’s important to identify individuals such as this to prevent them from causing further harm to others. With that in mind, I would like to put a trigger warning on this article for anyone who may have been a victim of sexual abuse.

I received a screen shot of a Facebook posting this evening. This was from a group. It is a screen shot of a conversation that took place between an individual calling himself “Jayy Crucial” and a single mother whose name is being withheld. I assume Jayy took an image off the mother’s Facebook page and shared it with her in the conversation. I will post a photo of the conversation without comment as I am truly at a loss for words. This photo was edited as I made the decision to black out the child in the photo. I did not feel his photo should be published. The text speaks for itself.

Before deleting the Facebook page of Jayy Crucial. The following profile photo was obtained. I am hoping that this article will help identify this individual.  See below.

On the original Facebook posting, nearly 300 people have commented. Several individuals have located a possible person that fits the description of Jayy Crucial. Without confirmation, I feel it would be irresponsible to post this person’s name. However, I urge anyone reading this who can positively identify this individual to please contact your local law enforcement agency. While this communication may or may not violate any laws ( I am not a police officer nor an attorney) this individual definitely warrants investigation in my opinion.

I urge parents to please check the friends list of your children. Please be mindful of what images you post of your children online. This is a perfect example of what can happen when these sick and disgusting individuals have an entry into your private life.  

An update to the story. Based on several leads, a tip was forwarded to the Atlanta Police Department for follow up.

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