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Want To See Kendra Lust Do Squats In A Thong? Check Out Her YouTube Page!

Written by Chris Powers

I could spend hours watching Kendra Lust’s videos on her YouTube page. She already has a lot of content up there, and she regularly adds to it. However, I think the very best content she adds is the workout videos that she posts. On her YouTube page, she has various types of workouts she posts. But there is one type of workout that is absolutely the best. 

Of course, the bestworkouts she does are “leg days.” And when you’re working out your legs, you can’t not do squats. Here are a few samples from her Instagram page of the workouts she does that you’ll find similarly on her YouTube page.

While those are all good and well brief clips, the best of her workout videos can be found on her YouTube page. Have you subscribed to it yet? If not, you can click the link below and subscribe to it. I guarantee that you won’t regret it.

With all that said, I will leave you with one last sneak peek of Kendra’s YouTube page. Below you will find a workout video that you will not want to miss if you’re a member of the Lust Army.

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